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Digital IT Security and Cybersecurity Services

Want to make sure your systems are secure? AIM IT Security services can perform full security audits and security assessments to ensure your business is secure.

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Secure Your Digital Assets with AIM's Expert IT Security Services
In today's digital landscape, your business's security is paramount. At AIM, we understand the complexities of digital threats and are committed to safeguarding your sensitive data and systems. Our comprehensive IT security and cybersecurity services are designed to protect your business from the ever-evolving digital threats.

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Keep abreast of the latest in security patches and vulnerabilities through our regularly updated blog and newsfeed. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to IT security.

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Don't just take our word for it. Our client testimonials and case studies illustrate our track record in thwarting digital threats and safeguarding businesses.

Our IT Security Services
Our customers have great things to say.

Natalie B.


Above & Beyond

I used AIM with my previous employer. They always go above and beyond! They came out same day today for emergency...well, emergency to us. lol Fixed everything in like 40 minutes!!! You guys are above and beyond amazing!!!

Blanca P.


Always Excellent

Always an excellent service!

Sarah F.


Extremely Helpful

AIM's technicians have been extremely helpful as we transition from having an on property IT person to using AIM for all IT.

Marilyn C.


Real Help

Thank you very much for fixing my email functionality! You have really helped me!

Jason P.


Could Not Be Happier

AIM's tech answered my call and helped with our issues immediately. Couldn't be happier the with response.

Frequently Asked Questions
IT security involves practices and technologies designed to protect digital data and systems from unauthorized access, attacks, or damage. Security is a process not a destination and requires constant work and updates. Services and technology change daily, and policy needs to change with it.
While Security is part of any IT process, Cyber Security is more closely related to publicly accessible services. This normally includes SaaS products like Office 365, websites, etc. These can present unique challenges vs the more traditional onsite services.
A security audit is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's information system to ensure it complies with security standards.
Security assessment involves identifying and quantifying security vulnerabilities in a system.
Regular security assessments and staying updated with the latest security trends are key. Our team can provide an in-depth analysis to ensure your systems are fortified against threats.
An audit of your systems and permission review with 3rd party websites/vendors can be done to provide a comprehensive list of who has access to what information. Depending on the length of time and what services, you might even have access to audit logs to see what might have been accessed recently.
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